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What is Counselling?

Counselling offers an opportunity to explore your concerns/issues in a safe and confidential setting. The counsellor is there to listen and meet you in your experience/situation as it is for you, and to support you to find your own meanings, values, choices, direction and course of action. There are many approaches to counselling and it is useful if the counsellor is familiar with a range of approaches and able to orientate to the client's way of exploring.

My Integrative Humanistic Person-Centred approach offers both conventional western ways of working along with a number of Eastern approaches. This enables me to orientate to individual clients from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

My Integrative approach makes use of Psychodynamic, Systemic, Psychosynthesis, Moving Mindfulness (holistic approach).
*Mindfulness in its fullest meaning is to move and interact in the world connected and conscious of self/others/environment. From inside the bigger picture we are seated in reality and able to respond positively to it, from each moment we create the future (Heart/Brain coherence takes you there).

The counsellor/client relationship is regarded as paramount to the healing process and places more emphasis on the client being the person who knows best rather than the practitioner and his/her theories.

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What are the benefits reported by clients?

Clients most frequently express a feeling of contentment, more energy and more power to influence and direct their lives. Many find their relationships more fulfilling, personal and material resources are used more effectively. The most significant change is in a feeling of freedom to be who you are and trust that the inner self knows what is right in each moment.

Other more specific benefits reported are relief from struggle and stress and improved general health, improved self/other awareness, self-esteem and confidence, trust in their capacity to meet life's challenges and move forward. .

What do I do and what does the Counsellor do?

As a client you may wish to talk about situations, circumstances, concerns/issues in the past, present or about the future. The session will be led by you. I will be there to listen and support you to explore and find your own preferred way through/forward.

I may offer information and different ways of exploring if you are not sure how you want to proceed. When we have established a way of working together that feels right for you and is within my boundaries of competency, we are in a position to begin. You are free to end or re-negotiate a contract at any time.

Who is Counselling for?

The people who seem to make the most use of counselling in my experience, are those who sense that life could be better and that there is something they can do to change it. I believe we all have the experience and knowledge sitting inside us and it is those people who seek that knowledge and personal potential, use their courage and determination to actively create a better life in their own terms.

I experience my clients as people who don't sit around waiting for someone else to change or make life right for them, they know the fastest way is to effect change themselves. We are all entitled to dream and live in hope for a while, however, for most of us there comes a time when we realise we must take charge of our own lives.

As a client, your first contact by phone is an opportunity to assess whether I am the counsellor for you.
If you feel comfortable to share your issues and concerns confidentially then I will be able to offer possible ways forward. There is no obligation to book an appointment. If we have an agreement to work together an appointment can be booked. On arrival we will explore the conditions and boundaries of our work together and both sign copies. The contract can be renegotiated or ended fitting with your needs.
See the Home Page for details of fees and availability.

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